The Kegel Bear

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this some kind of joke?

No. We would never joke about vaginas. Wait, we do that all the time. But the book is real. Pinky swear!

Aren't vaginal exercises kind of inappropriate subject matter for a children's book?

Yes. Yes, they are. But this book is actually about a bear. So we're cool.

Will this book change my life/vagina?

That would be nice, wouldn't it? But seriously, the health of your pelvic floor is nothing to mess around with. If you are having issues, please seek the advice of a qualified OBGyn and not a cartoon bear.

I'm a man. Should I buy this book for my wife/girlfriend?

The truth is, everyone benefits from a strong pelvic floor! While the book was designed with new moms in mind, new dads can certainly benefit from doing their kegels, too.