The Kegel Bear

Love and squeezes from our readers:

"Hi guys! I wanted to thank you for the Kegel Bear! Bill's been reading it to Taiga at bed time, and Taiga LOVES it!
Bill makes a scrunchy face whenever the bear SQEEEZEs, and it really makes Taiga crack up!!!
Taiga even copied Bill's squeezing action, scrunchy face and all, and it made him poop!!! LOL" -Ikumi M.


"I keep meaning to let you know that we got your book last week and the boys LOVED it. The first time, they wanted to read it 3 times in a row! So cute. It's so well written and just such a cute story - we all love it." -Liz M.


"Jesse LOVES the kegel bear. He calls it the bear book. It's his new fave!" -Michelle B.